torsdag 15 november 2007

Frida igen

It's me again, maybe you are a bit bored of my questions? Well, I do have a new one for you.
It feels like everyone in Sweden is a member on Facebook, is it the same in America?

Höstlovet är nu över för vår del och vi är tillbaka i vardagen igen.
Här har det blivit riktig kallt och man känner hur snön är påväg.
På tal om snö, gillar ni vintern eller sommaren bäst?

Hälsningar Frida

2 kommentarer:

Scott sa...


Most people at our university are on facebook. I think something like 80% of all students have it. I don't though -- it scares me a little. Do you? What do people in Sweden think about it? I can say that my opinion is in the minority here.


FridaT sa...

Alot of people I know are big fans of facebook, and so am I. I dont know why though, because its not so special. I guess i hang there because everybody does it. :)