tisdag 11 september 2007

About Matilda

Hello !
My name is Matilda and I live in a village named Bjuv, about 20 minutes from Helsingborg. I live in a house with my mum, dad and two younger sisters.
As usually there are always some guests at our house and I find that kind of nice, most of the times.

I´m 18 years old and just got my driving licence (9 July) it´s so much fun just driving around with your friends to one palce ore another.
In my spare time I play guitar, witch I love (bought a new guitar this summer, it´s so nice), I love to dance, street dance most and I play tennis too. It´s funny to play with the fellows because everytime they lose they get mad. :)

Då skulle man skriva på svenska med.. Musik är även något som jag älskar, det finns inte en dag som passera utan musik !

Sista året på Campeon och visst längtar man till studenten, till friheten som man skulle kunna säga, men visst finns det även sorg. Här har man gått i 3 år och det har på något sätt blivit ens andra hem och klasskompisarna har blivit som en familj.

Vi hörs snart !
Matilda ;)

2 kommentarer:

unibet sa...

you go, girl!!!
"It´s funny to play with the fellows because everytime they lose they get mad. :)"

what's the difference between dance and street dance?

Matilda sa...

To unibet :


hmm.. good question.. I think it´s that in some dances you dance two and two.. This is more like a group and I like it.. I love al sorts of dance, but street is the dance I dance.. You can express a lot of feelings; happy, sad, angry, power.. I look at friends when they dance and I it gives me another feeling then when I look at waltz..

It´s kind of hard for me to explain because it´s diffrent for everyone..

How are you?