söndag 23 september 2007


Hej jag heter Jacob Norström och kommer från Viken, en liten by utanför Helsingborg.
Som alla andra går jag på Campeon frigymnasium (vore konstigt om jag skrev i bloggen och inte gick där...) och ja, det är trevligt där.

And in my spare time I usually hang out with my friends, watch some movies or just listen to music, most Ska and rock. I was at a festival named Roskilde during the summer and while I was there I saw The Who and Beasty Boys… it was really wet and really good.
It's going to bee really fun to talk and see you later on, especially if I will be on of the few lucky ones to actually go and see you in Michigan.
Well that’s if you wan to know something more just write it and I will respond…

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Laura Haselhuhn sa...

HEY!! what Swedish bands do you recommend? I like to listen to pretty much anything besides country music. what musicians from America do you like?