torsdag 20 september 2007

Hello you crazy Americans!

My name is Caroline and I just got back from living in America for a year. I was an exchange student in Pennsylvania two hours outside Pittsburgh. And yes, it was great. Actually, it was the best time of my life (so far!). I’m going back to visit all my American friends again in October and I’m sooooo excited!

I think it’s really cool you get to learn Swedish. I met a guy named Chris last year, who’s still taking classes at University of Michigan, and I got so impressed by his Swedish. He even know how to say ekore.

Ni ska bara veta hur förväntansfull jag är för ert besök till våren!! Vi kommer visa er ALLA möjliga svenska traditioner. Men jag måste bara fråga, vad vet ni om Sverige? (förutom att alla har blåa ögon och blont hår)

I would love to get to know more Americans. It's just something about you guys.
Peace, love, and all that good stuff

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unibet sa...

here at UM, finns det the "squirrels club". it is en gruppe devoted att föda (by hand) och umgås with ekorrar! "michigan squirrels" T-skjortor can ännu buy-s.