onsdag 19 september 2007

Hello there jänkare!

My name is Sandy (like Sandra Dee in Grease you know) and I think it's totally hilarious that you're coming to town - I can barely wait! That makes me looking forward to the winter that can be awfully cold here in Sweden. Actually it's already starting to snow in Åre, a skiplace where my brother lives.

I live in Helsingborg city, about 50 meters from the beach, in a small apartment (34 square meters, to be specific) by my own. Which means that I don't have a mom to drag me up to school every morning - it's unbelieveable that I make it every day. But I should not complain...

Jag kan knappt vänta tills jag får höra mer om er och ert liv over there! Hur collegelivet är, småsaker som vad ni äter till frukost, vad ni gör på helgerna och skolloven och så vidare.

Som sagt - det ska bli riktigt kul när ni kommer!


1 kommentar:

unibet sa...

ah, sandy!
det ska bli even more kul när you swedes come hit to us/the US!!!

frukost är very vanlig, bara cereal med milk,
eller bröd (french toast, pancake, bagels) bredas of smör, honung, jam, cream ost, etc...
it is mycket ohealthy, but beter än going till mcdonalds, etc!