onsdag 12 september 2007



Mitt namn är Stina och jag är 17 (snart 18) år gammal. Jag går sista året på Campeon Frigymnasium, där trivs jag mycket bra med både undervisningen och klassen. Jag bor lite norr om Helsingborg tillsammans med min syster och mamma.

On my spare time I like seeing my friends, running and I'm also a scout. At the moment I'm a leader of a group with younger scouts, wich can be quite challenging sometimes. I work for a scrapbooking company where I upgrade their webshop. I'm not sure what else to tell, please ask me any question if you're curious about me, Sweden or just anything!

Take care and hör av dig!!!

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Ryan Mlynarek sa...
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Ryan Mlynarek sa...

What do you mean scout? We have boyscout/girlscout service in the US, is this similar? Camping, Fishing, Survival, Community Service, etc.? Have you done this for a long time? Do many students your age do this? Do you run for fun or for your school? Do you have a track/cross country team?

Stina sa...

Hej, ja det är nog ungefär samma sorts scouter som ni har i USA. I Sverige anses scouting vara en töntig aktivitet av de som inte vet vad det handlar om. Over here there's not very many people in my age who enjoy scouting, the main reasons I do are that I have some of my best friends there and I must say I'm fond of the nature. A scout in my age can do whatever, nowdays we aren't to serious about it and our the main activity is chilling!
I run for fun, it's good exercise, we dont't have like school teams and stuff like you do in the US.

Emilia sa...

Detta är lite klurigt...Ibland vet man inte om kommentarerna har kommit fram? Dagens fråga: varför är ens nams ibland grått och ibland blått?
I love you!/Emilia

Stina sa...

i'm not sure about that emilia. tricky one...