söndag 16 september 2007

Hallå ja

Mitt namn är Emelie Nilsson. Jag är 18 år gammal och bor i Landskrona, det ligger ca 20 minuter från Helsingborg där vår skola ligger.

In my sparetime I play soccer. I´ve played soccer since I was 8 years old and I really love it.
I played in Helsingborg before but now I play in Landskrona.

That was a little bit about me, I´ll write here soon again.

Tjingeling ; )

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Ryan Mlynarek sa...


Clearly, you like to play soccer..What exactly is Landskrona? Is it a city team? Does your school have a team? Did you watch the USA vs. Sweden game? I actually caught a bit of the game on TV here, but it was broadcast very early in the morning, so I mostly just watched the highlights. As you probably know, soccer is not as popular here as it is in Europe and around the world. It is a very interesting concept, and I am taking a class concerning the 'American Exceptionalism' theory, and we talk about this fact. Standard for Americans to try to distinguish their independence from the rest of the world, even with something as trivial as soccer...

I only played soccer when I was young, I now play baseball, ice hockey, football, and golf for fun. Do you play any other sports?

EmelieN sa...

Yes I do. No Landskrona is a small town in Sweden. In sweden we don´t have Schoolteam like you guys have. unfortunaly.Instead we have like sports associations in every city.

Nej, jag såg inte matchen för jag jobbade. Jag vet faktiskt inte ens vem som vann. Vet du hur matchen gick ? :)

Okay, you seem to be an active guy. I´ve always wanted to know how to play football but I don´t understand the game :P
Right now I only play soccer but I like the most sports.

So how´s your collegelife? :)