måndag 17 september 2007


My name is Emilia and I`m a 18 year old girl from Helsingborg, Sweden. Campeon is my school and it´s great! On my spare time I like to hang out with friends, paint, watch movies and listen to music - that`s like my life! Well, that`s pretty much it!

Jag gillar också att resa, åka skidor och att äta god mat, men jag är ingen bra kock tyvärr. Efter gymnasiet skulle jag vilja åka till USA och studera, men jag vet inte vad? Kanske har ni något förslag? haha...

If you guys have any questions about anything, just ask! I`m full of answers!

Take care and write to me!

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Ryan Mlynarek sa...


So what kind of music do you like? What is your favorite movie? Do you plan to go to college/continued study after you graduate?

Do you have a boyfriend? Do you go on dates? What has been the best date you have been on?

Anything you would like to know about USA?

Emilia sa...


My list is very long, but i will try to make it short...
I like rock,indie,pop,singer-songwriter...:
The shins,Keane,Travis,The killers,Red hot chili peppers,Damien Rice,Coldplay. How about you?Do you like any of these?
My favorite movies are: Garden State,Forrest Gump,Crash...hm what else is there..?

How do you think it`s like to study swedish, is it hard,boring haha? How did you came up with that idea? Did you understand that part I wrote on swedish. Actually I would like to go to college in the U.S,but I don`t know where? There is so many of them! Any suggestions?Yours maybe,haha?

No,I don`t have a boyfriend.I`m still waiting for him to come and knock on my door!,haha,no...I`m just kidding! What about you?

Ha det bra!

Adam Oakley sa...


I want to study Swedish because I find Sweden very interesting. I like the culture and weather of Northern Europe and would like to work there after I graduate.

I want to visit Sweden, Germany, and England because there are so many things to see in those countries. I have been to England and my grandparents are from England, so I like to visit there.

I want to visit more countries, but I can't visit them all in one vacation, so I want to see those first.

What is your favorite kind of music? Do you like music from Sweden the best or do you listen to music from other countries? I have not heard very much Swedish music, but I would like to know what is your favorite!

Have a good day!


Emilia sa...


I have been to theese countries and I have to say that London is an incredible beautiful city!

well,I listen to swedish bands,but they don`t sing in swedish..,I don`t like that. Have you herd of any swedish bands, like The Sounds? I listen to a lot of american bands and mostly I like Rock,indie,pop,singer songwriter. How about you? Do you know a good song that I can download?

Laura Haselhuhn sa...

hej Emilia!
I really like to study swedish, it is definitely a lot easier to learn than german, which is what I tried to learn in High school. The only place ive been in Europe is London. It was really cool, but it rained a lot.
Have you ever been to America?