onsdag 19 september 2007

hey you guys!

Jag heter Beatrice Andersson, är 17 år och går tredje året på Campeon Frigymnasium i Helsingborg. Jag bor i en trevlig lägenhet med min mamma och pappa.

I´m a quite good golfplayer, and it takes up most of my time (ask my friends!). When I´m not compeeting I really enjoy shopping with my dear friends; together with Emilia I share the great passion for food. I also have a great interest for sports; handball, soccer, tennis, floorbandy to name a few.

I´m looking forward to meet you guys!

Don´t be shy,, ask me questions about anything and I shall find an answer!

byebye.. take care!

1 kommentar:

unibet sa...

OK... hoppas att regret-s inte to say that du kan ask-s helst frågor!
så you're riktigt good på golf, huh?
how many och vilka pris have you won?