onsdag 3 oktober 2007

About Helsingborg

Werè gonna tell you some facts about Helsingborg; it lives about 125 thousand people in Helsingborg and it`s Swedens sixth largest city. The heart of the city is a street called Kullagatan, it is a shoppingstreet with lots of different stores and restaurants. Ungefär 100 meter därifrån ligger Kärnantrapporna och ovanför ligger Kärnan; det är Helsingborgs symbol.
Every 20 minutes a boat to Helsingör in Denmark takes off. You can travel with ¨sundsbussarna¨or ¨Scandlines¨. 6 days a week Helsingborg is a joyful and exciting town. On sundays it´s totally empty. No people and barely any cars(in autumn, winter). But in the summer HBG is the town that never sleeps. In the end of July we have a tradition of having the ¨helsingborgsfestivalen¨. It´s an event with many artists and markets which sells clothes, sunglasses or bags.
Maten i Helsingborg liksom i hela Sverige är väldigt influerad av hela världen. Det finns väldigt många nationaliteter och kulturer som blandats upp; samtidigt har vi vår alldeles egna ¨husmanskost¨där Köttbullar (meatballs) är specialitet: mums!:) Köttbullar äter man till vardags likväl som på julafton m.m..

Emilia,Sanne och Beatrice

4 kommentarer:

Mandy sa...

Åka ni till Helsingör mycket? Också hur åka människor i höst och vinter om där är inte bilar?

beatrice sa...

hej mandy!

vi åker till Helsingör en hel del. vissa åker dit för att fika och vissa för att handla alkohol.

our winters are not that cold so we can always travel by car. if we don´t, we travel by bus or train.

how is it over there? is it cold in the winters? which temperature?

take care! P.S. push your friends to be more active on this blog.. it would be great! D.S

Mandy sa...

Michigan är mycket kall på vintern. Last winter was the coldest winter we had in a long time, and there wasn't even that much snow. That was unhappy at best.

beatrice sa...

really? how cold was it then?

i really love snow, but if you want to be sure to see some snow in winter you have to travel down in Europe; down in France or Italy.
in other wise you can travel up to the northern of Sweden, there is a place that we in Sweden call: Sälen. it´s very popular!

can you ski nearby Michigan?

have a great weekend!