måndag 1 oktober 2007

Sorry that my personal presentation is a little bit late.
Ive been doing a lot of other things, saving the planet and all of that.
Im sure you all understand.

Mitt namn är Cornelia Håkansohn, jag är 18 år och bor i Viken.
Mina intressen är att spela piano, läsa böcker, laga mat och fotografera.
På min fritid fikar jag med vänner, går på stan eller bara är hemma och tar det lugnt.

In the future I'll probably work with something were I can be creative, for example as a designer, arcitect and so on. Right now Im studying my last year at The Campeon school in Helsingborg. I look forward to my graduation and meanwhile I fear it though I can't decide what I wan't to do afterwards.
Thats all for now folks. Looking forward meeting all of you when your visiting Sweden.

All love. Cornelia

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Laura Haselhuhn sa...

Hej Cornelia!
det är jätte cool att du ska kanska bli en architect! Jag också dricker kaffe med min vänner.
You save the world? Are you an enviromentalist? That is really cool if you are. In America we call people who are extremely concerned with the enovironment, Tree-huggers! Do Swedish people recycle a lot? In America we are becoming very concerned with global warming, are people in Sweden concerned with it also?