måndag 1 oktober 2007

Yes, We Eat Hamburgers

Hanna och Carulajn,

So it is true, Americans like their hamburgers. However, you are correct in thinking that this is a stereotypical view of the US. The standard hot dog and hamburger combo on July 4th (US independence day) is common during the summer months because it is typical of Americans to barbecue outside.

Men, vi äter olika mat också! Min favorit mat är Salmon, men jag tycker om alla typer fisk. Vi bor bredvid Great Lakes, så vi blir många typer färsk fisk. It is not entirely uncommon, but I also like sushi. It is a somewhat trendy food, but it is popular in Ann Arbor. Being in college however, we tend to eat quick, easy to make foods such as pizza, sandwiches, grilled chicken, tacos, etc., or any type of food that we can order delivery.

Vi har fast food men jag tycker inte om mest fast food. Jag tycker om Subway och andra hälsa mat men den här är inte sann av mest Americans. (Not sure if that was correct Swedish, but this is not true of most Americans, as you probably know). In fact, Detroit, MI was recently ranked the "second fattest city" in America. As you may guess, most people do not eat very healthy/exercise, etc. However, I like to cook my own meals and that is half the battle of eating healthy in college.

Ja, jag gick till IKEA i år men jag köper inte svensk mat! Jag vet inte om svensk mat när jag gick till IKEA men nästa tid jag vill köpa köttbullar och svensk öl! haha. Jag hörde svensk öl är mycket dyr. Is this true? Is it priced this way to deter people from drinking so much or just to earn more profit? Do you have supermarkets or grocery stores that you can buy food and beer in? I ask because in Canada, they have a separate "BEER STORE" that is run by the government. Do you have en öl affär? haha

Time to go, I must go to McDonalds to eat a hamburger and french fries.


ps. I always love trying new foods, but the fact that y'all eat sill (herring) kind of grosses me out.

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Matilda sa...

Hi !
Förstod att du gillar att testa nya maträtter :)
Min mamma älskar att laga nya maträtter och det är så klart alltid jag som ska testa dem...

Sill, haha ;) Har aldrig ätit det kommer aldrig att göra det heller...

Kram ;)

Sebbeflebbe sa...

In Sweden we DO have "beer stores". It is called with a singel name "Systembolaget". It is made to deter people to drink (it is highly taxed and that's why it's so expensive)to much alcohol. Some people say it's because we in Sweden have a history of beeing real drunks throughout the centuries. But I don't know if that's really true. BUT there are some alcohol you can buy at regular supermarkets. But its only alcohol below 2,6 % (or something like that). Everything above that has be bought through "Systembolaget". And if you want to buy a singel beer in a bar, the price is around 45 swedish kronor. I think that is 6 dollars (probably a little bit more, so very expensive).

By the way, everyone I know hates american beer. They say that american beer tastes like piss. I can guess that you do not agree?