onsdag 24 oktober 2007

Nostalgia: summer '07

So I was getting a bit nostalgic and was thinking about this summer. Something that is very, very, big among Swedish teenagers is to go to summerfestivals. The official purpose with going to one of theese is to listen to wonderful music and to experience awesome concerts. The inofficial purpose is to get wasted. Like one of my friends said "festivals are THE place for the human being to let go of all of her inhibitions". People are simply getting drunk, eating a lot of junkfood, smoking five packs of cigarettes in three days, living (and getting laid) in tents - it's just crazy. And wonderful actually, everyone are so happy and have this feeling of freedom. Actually, I cried when we were going home from the Peace and Love-festival this summer.

My teacher is probably going to get mad for me writing this, haha, but it really is a part of the youth culture of Swedes so I publish some pictures and if you click at this link you will be able to see a video from our camp when we're singing a song of Oasis called Wonderwall.

That's just us here in Sweden. I can't believe that our påarent's actually are letting us go to this kind of things since everybody really are aware of what's going on. But Peace and Love '07 is like the funniest thing I've done in my life. So come to Sweden during the summer and go to a musicfestival: I can assure you guy's that you wont regret it!

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Laura Haselhuhn sa...

this music festival looks really fun! We have some like this in the US too, one is called Bonnaroo, it sounds really similar to your music festival. I've never been to one... perhaps I should go to one in Sweden???