måndag 1 oktober 2007


I have a question. Do you dislike muslims where you live? And what's your opinion on the war in Iraq? I´ve allways wanted to talk to an american about these things. So how do you feel about the war in Iraq? There are so many things that i would like to ask but I don't know if I should because I might upset someone. Well, if there´s anyone who would like to talk about the war in Iraq and muslims, please write to me.

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unibet sa...

i sincerely believe that, ever since the 1st (and only legitimate) president bush retreated from iraq in 1991, the 2nd president bush (along with some other neo-conservative hawks) had been itching to re-invade iraq. and they have been willing to do so at any cost, including lying to the american people, and possibly even orchestrating the 9-11 attacks, in order to provide a very convenient pretext for expanding the powers of the imperial presidency and disenfranchising the american people. actually, everyone's civil liberties have been curtailed, not just those of arabs & muslims.
i do believe that, on the whole, people in the US have become more discriminating and stereotyping against arabs & muslims.

Ryan Mlynarek sa...


Jag kommer från Sterling Heights, MI, och vi har andra största muslimska befolkningen i America. Also, I live near Dearborn, MI, which has the most dense population of muslims in the USA. So, needless to say, I grew up in a very diverse community, especially within my high school. In my high school, I (being a caucasian male) was a minority. My high school was mostly Chaldean (catholic immigrants from Iraq) and many of my friends in high school were both chaldean and muslim.

Så, jag har blandade känslor om kriget i Iraq. Ö ena sidan, jag tyckte vi måste gå till Iraq eftersom Saddam Hussein. And, I think the general American public was eager to have some influence in the middle east after what happened on September 11. I have been able to see first hand the effects of the war on the families of my friends who have lost brothers, sisters, and especially extended family members. It is because of this that I am in support of ending the war, but how does one do so after everything that has gone on? Do we just leave without making sure democracy has a stonghold? Is it even our place to try to influence their country with democracy? These are the questions that many Americans are faced with, but do not have the answers for. I must go to my next class, but please feel free to ask any questions you may have, without fear of upsetting anyone. It is interesting to speak with someone in Sweden about this topic.

All the best,

unibet sa...

on the other hand, personally, i have a very dim view of religion in general. i am opposed to public displays of religiosity (ostentatious prayers, veils, etc) because i believe that, more often than not, "religion" (or even "culture") is used as a pretext for oppression. some people might take postmodernism (moral relativism) to an extreme and say: "FGM (female genital mutilation) is OK, because that's just what they do in their culture/religion. it is not our place, as outsiders, to impose our values on them." however, who decides what is the proper culture/religion? generally, the decision-makers are a small sub-group of men who, not too coincidentally, have all the (economic, academic, social, religious) power to set policies and benefit from them, and therefore wish to keep the status quo.