onsdag 24 oktober 2007

My first so called inlägg! A bad one but still.. Its an inlägg!

I have a serious problem. It's true and it sucks. I dont have an account of my own yet that connects me to this blog, I must have deleted the email with my name and password.. Its very typical me, always confused. So therefore Im writing from Oh Sandy Baby's account. Thank you Sandy. You're a really nice person and friend and person and student.

My name is (promise me you wont lagh, but if you have to; do it in silence. silence is a good thing.) My. My american friends thinks that its extremely funny but I ask them to just call me M. M Roman Fagerlind - thats my name! Hiya! (I dont know why I wrote the last word..)

I live a happy life with my family, friends, cats, dogs, horses and mosquitos. I cant believe that they are still alive - its freezing here in Sweden right now! Im talking about the mosquitos of course - not my family or my pets.

Do you have a lot of mosquitos where you live? They are so fascinating! So tiny and still they can make all that noice that just keeps you awake all night.. Those moments are some of the happiest moments in my life.. I would really like to be a mosquito! They are soooooo cool, dont you think?

BTW: Do you guys use Facebook?
I hope I get my own account soon..

Until then: are some nice nice pictures! 1. Me and Sandy doing our thing in Paris, France. 2. Sweet Sofie and me. It is NOT a beer. Its apple juice. 3. Vår klass 3 omega!

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Vate sa...
Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.
Vate sa...

Hi My! Maybe inlagg (sorry for the "a" but i don't have that letter on my keyboard) in English is "post", isn't it?
Apart the fact that you want to be a mosquito...i must say you're nice! Most of all in che second picture!! ;-) Bye!

Mandy sa...

Jag tycker inte om myggor!!! Men är jag glad någon gillar dem.