tisdag 2 oktober 2007

The Pearl of the Sound...

...Yeah, that's what Helsingborg is called! I guess it's because of the nice beaches at the summer time and because of the pretty city centre with it's shops and cafees. I actually think Helsingborg deserves the good repetation. Trots att staden är ganska liten (ca 125 000?) så är finns det ändå ett gott utbud av affärer, skolor, uteställen, cafeer, etc. Många kommer till Helsingborg när de ska åka till Danmark. Every 20 minute a new boat arrives, the trip only takes about 20 minutes and you can bring your car on the boat. The main reason for a "Helsingborgare" to go Helsingör (which is the Danish town on the opposite side of the sound) is probably to buy alcohol. It's a lot cheaper there and, for the record, you only have to be 16 to buy alcohol in Denmark. Enough about Denmark - Helsingborg is the place to go! Make a google search and you'll find some great pictures of the city. The main object of the photos will probably be "Kärnan". Kärnan is like a castle in the city centre which was build lots of years ago (... I really should know when but I can't remember) when we had a great fight whith Denmark. Southern Sweden did actually belong to Denmark once, therefore we have quite many half-Danish people around in Helsingborg (Sanne among others).

I hope I made you all want to come!


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Mandy sa...

Jag skulle gilla att se slottet! Kan man gå in det?