torsdag 4 oktober 2007

Do some clubbing


You should definitely come and visit. Sweden has a lot to afford. I lived in America as an exchange student last year and I have had American friends over to visit me this summer. I lived in Pennsylvania two hours outside Pittsburgh. I loved it, and I will go back and visit my friends and boyfriend (yes, i have an American boyfriend. And yes, it sucks to have a long distance relationship) again in three weeks. I’m so excited. I went to New York a couple of times; it’s my favourite town in the entire world.

My best friend Shaina came over to visit me in August. She had a really good time. People in Sweden have a more liberal view on alcohol and parties compared to many Americans (or I should probably say American parents?). She had never been to a night club or a bar before she came to Sweden, since she’s 18, and she couldn’t understand how my parents let us stay out until 6 in the morning. Yeah! That’s how it works here and she was totally amazed. We are allowed to do pretty much everything when we turn 18 (at least by the law).

Du borde njuta av shopping, svensk mat och en och annan nattklubb när du kommer hit. Jag tycker absolut att du ska besöka Helsingborg på sommaren då vi har många fina stränder och förhoppningsvis fint väder.

So tell me, when are you coming over? Aren’t you coming with school in the spring too?

Take care,

PS. The picture is of me and Shaina when we did some serious clubbing this summer, I’m to the left

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