torsdag 18 oktober 2007

What should i eat?

Okay, im going to america in 8 days. Wuuhuu. Im really really excited. Im going to visit my boyfriend and all my american friends in Pennsylvania since i lived there last year. I miss them a lot so it's going to be really cool to see them again. I was kind of skeptical to the american food when i was there but you might have some good suggestions for me. Is there something you think i have to try? Hamburgers and McDonald's is a big NO NO. My favorite American restaurang is Appelbee's! I wish we have it in Sweden :)

Take care,
Caroline- whos in America soooon!

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Scott sa...

Var i Pennsylvania ska du besök? Nån delar av Pennsylvania är nära Michigan. Du får äta riktig mexikansk mat om det finns den i Pennsylvania. Riktig mexikansk mat är mycket bättre än mat som Taco Bell -- som är oriktig.