tisdag 9 oktober 2007

Party Party


I wonder how much you guys go out ? I know that you have to be 21 to drink legal, but do you really wait until you got 21 ? Is i possible to go out before that? In Sweden we only have to be 18 and I guess the swedes party pretty much. How about you?
Är det som i alla High school och College filmer att ni alltid festar, till och med på vardagar ?
Ni går på college och när jag tänker på hur ert liv är så reflekterar jag mycket till alla college filmer man ser, är ert liv verkligen så eller överdriver bara filmerna ?

Take care / Emelie Nilsson

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Scott sa...

Even though the legal drinking age is 21, people don't typically wait until then to start drinking. Going out can be difficult though, because most bars are really strict about seeing ID. At least in Michigan. Some people buy fake IDs, but they're usually pretty sketchy imitations, and you can get in a lot of trouble for having one. So, underage drinking usually takes place in someone's house or somewhere private. People under 21 can get in a good deal of trouble if they're caught drinking though -- they have to pay a fine and sometimes do community service. All of this depends on were in the US you are though. Some places you don't get in trouble, some places you do. In Michigan, you do.

Hj då Emelie,


Laura Haselhuhn sa...

It is a total bummer to not be able to go out to bars and drink here. So my friend and I made it our goal to get fake Id's by the end of the week...

Unfortunately that was last week and we haven't found a way to get fake ID's yet, so we are still pre-gaming (drinking beforehand) at our house before going out..
: (

Ryan Mlynarek sa...


Jag tycker om att festa, men det är inte som på amerikanska filmer. Jag är 21 år gammal men du måste inte vara 21 till festar i college. På universitetsområdet, man kan festa och inte vara 21 år gamla om de går till hemfestar och till brödraskapen. Jag är i en brödraskap men det är inte som Animal House eller Old School. Vi har stor festar men vi är säker.

I am in my last year at UM, so I try to go out when I can in my free time, because I will start medical school next fall, and this will most likely be the last time that I am able to live with all of my best friends here at college. My first three years were very busy with studying and extracurricular activities, but I have always lived by the motto of Work Hard, Study Hard, Party Hard. So in response to your questions, we do have fun, we do party, we do throw huge parties on occasion, but college life is not exactly how it is portrayed in movies, and we do not go out every night. In fact, I have been so busy as of late with school work and interviews that I have not gone out in two weeks. Den där är en mycket lång tid när det är din sist år i college!

Laura Haselhuhn sa...

it sounds like you Swedes party all the time! how often do you guys go out? do you prefer going to clubs or bars?
when do you do your homework then?