onsdag 10 oktober 2007

Maybe American parents are more strict than Swedish parents? -laura

I know, it may sound hard and judgemental, but I acctually think that Americans take the whole "dating + staying over dilemma" a little bit more serious then us Swedes.
I can't speak for all Sweden, and definitely not America, but I can say from the perspectives you have given me that its not that usual that parents act that way in Sweden.
I definitely don't mean that "in Sweden your allowed to do what ever and sleep with whom ever you like" and your parents won't say a word.
Just that its not that usual that the subject is so taboo.

The whole idea of "Don't ask, don't tell" which you put it, accually just makes me smile.
Don't you think it's silly? I mean, how can you be close with your parents if can't talk to them about certain things?
Im not judging, just asking.

Of course its not just America or your parents that has decided to have its way, maybe its common in Sweden to that some parents are embarassed of the subject Sex and love.
But its definitely not taboo.


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Laura Haselhuhn sa...

Yeah, you do have a point, it is hard to be close to your parents when you can't talk about certain things or you have to bend the truth a bit, so they don't freak out...

I think that it really varies from family to family (in the US). But in my family it's definitely something that is not discussed.

Would you say that you are really close to your parents then?
-Laura h

Damon sa...

Hej Cornelia,

Jag tror att det inte är bara våra förälder oppeonera sig om vi "stay over" - Det är också som tonåringar skulle känna obekväm om sina pojkvänner eller flickvänner sover över sina hus. Vi döljer hur mycket promiskuös vi är.

OK, so this was sort of bad Swedish, but the point is that it is not always the case that our parents are so strict - sometimes we just can't get over our own hangups. For many Americans, sex is just not something that you talk to your parents about and not something that you want your parents to be aware of. So the problem (if you want to call it that) actually is more realted to how we view sexuality than parental strictness. I remember when my Danish friends told me that they had girlfriends sleep over when they were thirteen and how shocked I was. When I was thirteen - I didn't want my parents knowing anything about my personal life, let alone my sex life - whereas you are all (or more) so much more connected with your families.

I'm sort of ranting now, so I'll just stop :)