tisdag 2 oktober 2007

A answer to you question Laura;

Recycling and global warming, do we even care in Sweden?Well of course we care in Sweden; sometimes it even seems like we care to much about everything or we have to at least have a opinion or a super great solution to every problem.

Back to Global warming/Climate changes. This world known problem came to Swedes knowledge about a year ago, or this was the first time it was spread and talked about in Sweden. I mean, we see an ice bear on a melting ice floe and suddenly we understand how extremely big this problem is.

Hybrid cars are available in Sweden, recycling is very big and we have environmental food products made available for everyone for a little price higher then other “ordinary products”.

And by the way - No, im not that interested in environmental questions and things like that. Of course I’m concerned, but if I’m honest I can’t say that I do that much to improve or solve any of the problems, unfortunately.

/ Cornelia

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unibet sa...

i read (in the new york times) that sweden has the *highest* rate of pollution (due to traffic) in the entire european union.

but now you're saying that swedes are very big on environmental issues (or at least, issues in general).

how do you reconcile this incongruity?