tisdag 2 oktober 2007

HEEY, this is our own HBG :P

hii :)

Everybody is going to talk about food, so we decided to tell you little bit about our school and Helsingborg.

Our school's name is Campeon and is located in the middle of Helsingborg right nearby the shoppingstreets. It's a small school with about 180 students total. Skolans inriktning är kommunikation som vi läser alla tre år.
What about your school? Which subjects do you read and is your school big compared to ours?

About Helsingborg which is called "Sundets pärla", and when you'll come you will see why. Hbg=Helsingborg ( just so you know) Hbg is Sweden's ninth biggest city with about 120 000 people. There are a lot of things that you can do here, we have Sofiero ( which is a garden with a huge castle ), we have a nice walking street with all the shopping and cute places where you can eat. En av våra favoritfikaställen är ett mysigt ställe som heter "Ebbas fik" som är nostalgiskt med inflytande av Sverige på 50-talet. God mat och härliga kakor och bakelser, samt en trevlig atmosfär. Vi har på vår kära gågata H&M som är svenskt, som ni säkert känner till, gör ni inte det vet ni det nu :)

We have a very nice "hamn" which boats like Scandlines and HH-ferries goes between Helsingborg- Helsingor ( we know the names are similar, don't ask us why) So if you want to visit Denmark, the boat is a very good and cheap way and takes only twenty minutes.

How about where you live, do you like or dislike it?
What do you think about swedish cities compare to what you know?

Bye bye from Sandra and Lina
Take care from your friends from Sweden :D:D

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