tisdag 9 oktober 2007

The Dating + Staying over Dilemma

Jag är trött på allt tjat om mat och skola.
Är det allt vi är intresserade av? Boring!

How do your family see relations; cause Ive heard from Caroline (who went to Pennsylvania in one year) that her family there were quit okey with the whole dating+staying over dilemma.
But the guy she was dating, his family wast totally against it.
How is it in your family? Are you allowed to date who ever you want and do what ever you want?
Or is just something that wont talk about, its taboo or what?

Cheerio! / Cornelia

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Laura Haselhuhn sa...

Hey Cornelia!
When I was in High School my parents were pretty strict about "staying over at a boy's house". They were very much against it, so I didn't really try to argue with them about it. In high school I had a strict curfew of 1:30 am also. And when I came home late, I was grounded, which wasn't too much fun. But when my parents went out of town, leaving me home alone for the weekend.... that was a different story.. haha.
Now that I'm in college, my parents really don't have any say in staying over. So they don't really ask about it all too much... It's basically a "don't ask, don't tell" situation.
Maybe American parents are more strict than Swedish parents?