lördag 6 oktober 2007


What do you think about Michael Moore and his movies? Is he a good reporter that makes good movies or is he just anoying? I've seen some movies that Michael Moore has made and I understand why critics don't like him. But there was one movie namned "This divided state" that i thought was very interesting. Has anyone seen this movie? Is it really THAT hard to stand up for your opinions in the US, or is it just in Utah? And in / SeMichigan, are there mostly republicans or democrats? And please, can you try to explain the differences between the two?

Thank you/ Sebatian

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Scott sa...

In my home town (Traverse City, Michigan), Michael Moor puts on a film festival every summer. He speaks a lot during the festival, and I had a chance to hear him a few times this summer. I have to say, after seeing him speak, I have huge amount of respect for the man. I've seen his films, and I like them, but hearing him speak in such a small setting let me get a sense of what he's like as a person.

To answer your question, it's not that hard to stand up for your beliefs here -- Michael Moore just gets a lot more shit for what he says than other people. Even other people as well known as him. I think the conservatives find him to be an easy person to demonize.

I don't know what the percentages of republicans/democrats are in SE Michigan, but typically Michigan votes democrat in big elections (our governor, for example, is a democrat). It's definately not as liberal as other places, though, like New England.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask. As you can probably tell I'm pretty interested in this stuff.


Scott sa...

Oops, I meant to type *Moore* in the first paragraph.