onsdag 24 oktober 2007


Next week we have fall-break as Sandy wrote here below; it`s gonna be greeeeat! I have a friend coming down to me from Stockholm named Malin.

Vi ska åka till Köpenhamn (Copenhagen) och shoppa och bara mysa. Jag och Emilia ska till Tyskland också. (Germany)

I was just wondering..just like Sandy did: När har ni lov? (When and how often do you guys have vacation?)

btw.. I really think you did a great job speaking Swedish in the films below. Tummen upp! (Thumbs up!)

On todays lesson we talked about using bad words. Caroline (the girl who has lived in U.S) told us that it´s a big no-no to use bad words; she said that you might get expelled for using words like the F-word.

What do you think about bad words and bad manners?

ha det bra! /Bea

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Vate sa...
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Laura Haselhuhn sa...

yeah we have lots of bad words, and it is only acceptable to say them in certain situations. Obviously it isn't appropriate to swear in class, around children or in like a job interview. But if you are with friends swearing isn't really frowned upon. So it is best to use caution when/if you are swearing up a storm.

Laura Haselhuhn sa...

o yeah annd yourbreak sounds like it will be really awesome!! : )
hope it's fun!