torsdag 4 oktober 2007

Answering Unibet and Ryan

Unibet and Ryan, thank you for your answers. Do you ever feel that the american people have been kept in the dark by the goverment. And if you feel that they have been lying to you, do you feel that it is a great threat to democracy? Do you ever feel like the president of the United States have to much power? Do you you ever feel that USA is an autocracy? In Sweden, people get very upset if politicians lies. A while ago a person in the goverment had to resign because she hadn't payed tax for her television. I can see that there seems to be a great difference between our countries.


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Sebbeflebbe sa...

and USA is "defending democracy" all around the world, the goverment seems to be telling the rest of the world. Shouldn't the United States itself be a democracy to be able to defend it?

Mandy sa...

I don't have too strongly of political opinions, but I do think that our current president is an idiot. The best part of the year ending and 2008 beginning is that we get to elect someone new.

I agree that Bush is just finishing his Dad's job in Iraq. I don't think he cares for American people much, and I think our government is wasting our tax dollars on things like Homeland Security television commercials. (Basically, asking American people, "Do you have a plan in case of a terrorist attack?") He tries to instill fear in our people.

Not only that, a few years ago Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans in Louisiana and most of it still lay in ruins. Bush is barely doing anything to help part of this country, yet is so focused on "helping" Iraq.