torsdag 25 oktober 2007

På mitt höstlov!

Jag tänkte också berätta vad jag ska göra på mitt höstlov.
Då ska jag åka buss till en liten, liten stad som heter Hjo (Det uttalas "Jo")
Där ska jag hälsa på en kompis som har massor av hästar!

Since i dont have a horse of my own anymore is this a tripp I have been looking forward to.
The natur in Hjo is very beautiful and my friends house is just by a great lake.
I think it is nice to travel, eaven if it's just in my own country this time.

Do you like to travel?
// Frida

onsdag 24 oktober 2007


Next week we have fall-break as Sandy wrote here below; it`s gonna be greeeeat! I have a friend coming down to me from Stockholm named Malin.

Vi ska åka till Köpenhamn (Copenhagen) och shoppa och bara mysa. Jag och Emilia ska till Tyskland också. (Germany)

I was just wondering..just like Sandy did: När har ni lov? (When and how often do you guys have vacation?)

btw.. I really think you did a great job speaking Swedish in the films below. Tummen upp! (Thumbs up!)

On todays lesson we talked about using bad words. Caroline (the girl who has lived in U.S) told us that it´s a big no-no to use bad words; she said that you might get expelled for using words like the F-word.

What do you think about bad words and bad manners?

ha det bra! /Bea

My first so called inlägg! A bad one but still.. Its an inlägg!

I have a serious problem. It's true and it sucks. I dont have an account of my own yet that connects me to this blog, I must have deleted the email with my name and password.. Its very typical me, always confused. So therefore Im writing from Oh Sandy Baby's account. Thank you Sandy. You're a really nice person and friend and person and student.

My name is (promise me you wont lagh, but if you have to; do it in silence. silence is a good thing.) My. My american friends thinks that its extremely funny but I ask them to just call me M. M Roman Fagerlind - thats my name! Hiya! (I dont know why I wrote the last word..)

I live a happy life with my family, friends, cats, dogs, horses and mosquitos. I cant believe that they are still alive - its freezing here in Sweden right now! Im talking about the mosquitos of course - not my family or my pets.

Do you have a lot of mosquitos where you live? They are so fascinating! So tiny and still they can make all that noice that just keeps you awake all night.. Those moments are some of the happiest moments in my life.. I would really like to be a mosquito! They are soooooo cool, dont you think?

BTW: Do you guys use Facebook?
I hope I get my own account soon..

Until then: are some nice nice pictures! 1. Me and Sandy doing our thing in Paris, France. 2. Sweet Sofie and me. It is NOT a beer. Its apple juice. 3. Vår klass 3 omega!

Nostalgia: summer '07

So I was getting a bit nostalgic and was thinking about this summer. Something that is very, very, big among Swedish teenagers is to go to summerfestivals. The official purpose with going to one of theese is to listen to wonderful music and to experience awesome concerts. The inofficial purpose is to get wasted. Like one of my friends said "festivals are THE place for the human being to let go of all of her inhibitions". People are simply getting drunk, eating a lot of junkfood, smoking five packs of cigarettes in three days, living (and getting laid) in tents - it's just crazy. And wonderful actually, everyone are so happy and have this feeling of freedom. Actually, I cried when we were going home from the Peace and Love-festival this summer.

My teacher is probably going to get mad for me writing this, haha, but it really is a part of the youth culture of Swedes so I publish some pictures and if you click at this link you will be able to see a video from our camp when we're singing a song of Oasis called Wonderwall.

That's just us here in Sweden. I can't believe that our påarent's actually are letting us go to this kind of things since everybody really are aware of what's going on. But Peace and Love '07 is like the funniest thing I've done in my life. So come to Sweden during the summer and go to a musicfestival: I can assure you guy's that you wont regret it!


Okay you guy's I can't wait to meet you! You're really good in Swedish and I think it's quite amazing that you're guy's being so brilliant even though you never hear Swedish.

So we're having fall break next week and it's going to be so nice to relax.. Eerrh.. Well, it's not going to be so realxing after all. Me and a bunch of friends are going to Denmark on monday to go to a museum and the party a little bit but hey - we are at least a little bit of cultural! If I know me and my mates right there's going to be a lot of party during the whole week. Some work and schoolprojects are on my schedule as well.

Har ni också lov under terminerna? Vad gör ni då, blir det mycket plugg i alla fall eller är det bara att ta det lugnt?

Snart är det vecka nio... Det ska bli fantatiskt kul att få hit er och visa er Helsingborg och Sverige, kanske till och med Danmark och Köpenhamn/Helsingör. Helsingör ligger bara 20 minuter med båt från Helsingborg, medan Köpenhamn, Danmarks huvudstad, ligger 1½ timme bort. Danmark skiljer sig ganska mycekt från Sverige och antagligen ännu mer från USA så det kommer nog bli intressant för er.

Ha det så bra tills nästa gång,

Love, Sandy

Me, My and Elisabeth before a night out on town!

tisdag 23 oktober 2007

We are so exciting! (excited : ) )

... very very exciting.

Starring: Laura and Damon

Vår först pinsam video

Ni kan skratta om ni vill.

Mandy och Beþ: del 1

Vi är mycket rädd! och pinsana...

torsdag 18 oktober 2007

What should i eat?

Okay, im going to america in 8 days. Wuuhuu. Im really really excited. Im going to visit my boyfriend and all my american friends in Pennsylvania since i lived there last year. I miss them a lot so it's going to be really cool to see them again. I was kind of skeptical to the american food when i was there but you might have some good suggestions for me. Is there something you think i have to try? Hamburgers and McDonald's is a big NO NO. My favorite American restaurang is Appelbee's! I wish we have it in Sweden :)

Take care,
Caroline- whos in America soooon!

tisdag 16 oktober 2007


Scott, Laura & Ryan...
It´s a really big different from Sweden. If you drink before you´re 18 you don´t have to pay any fine or do any community service, the worst thing that could happend is that the police drive you home to your parents.

Om man är för full kan man hamna i något som kallas för fyllecell, det är både om du är under eller över 18 år. I fyllecellen stannar man bara över natten sen får man åka hem.

Laura du skrev att ni dricker innan ni går ut istället eftersom ni inte får dricka ute, men kommer man in på barer om man är under 21 och inte dricker något ?

I guess Swedes party pretty much, I can only speak for my self but I´m out almost every weekend and I think that´s "normal" for teenagers... I prefer clubs but we use to start in bars and then clubs after that.

Jag tror att söndagar är den stora "läxdagen", annars gör vi så klart läxor på vardagarna med. Vi har inte så långa skoldagar, vi slutar oftast ett på dagen så vi har mycket fritid sen. Hur ser era skoldagar ut ? Är dom långa ?

Kan ni inte berätta lite om era College fester ? : )

Ha det så bra
/ Emelie Nilsson

måndag 15 oktober 2007

Ungdomar och sex

Bra ämne av Cornelia!
Enligt mig får man en sundare syn på sex och liknande genom att prata om det istället för att bara låta det vara något hemligt.

Many people think that Sweden is a place where everyone is a "sex freak", but I think we are all the same. The only thing we do different is that we do talk about it moore that other people in our age.

// Frida

onsdag 10 oktober 2007

Maybe American parents are more strict than Swedish parents? -laura

I know, it may sound hard and judgemental, but I acctually think that Americans take the whole "dating + staying over dilemma" a little bit more serious then us Swedes.
I can't speak for all Sweden, and definitely not America, but I can say from the perspectives you have given me that its not that usual that parents act that way in Sweden.
I definitely don't mean that "in Sweden your allowed to do what ever and sleep with whom ever you like" and your parents won't say a word.
Just that its not that usual that the subject is so taboo.

The whole idea of "Don't ask, don't tell" which you put it, accually just makes me smile.
Don't you think it's silly? I mean, how can you be close with your parents if can't talk to them about certain things?
Im not judging, just asking.

Of course its not just America or your parents that has decided to have its way, maybe its common in Sweden to that some parents are embarassed of the subject Sex and love.
But its definitely not taboo.


tisdag 9 oktober 2007

Party Party


I wonder how much you guys go out ? I know that you have to be 21 to drink legal, but do you really wait until you got 21 ? Is i possible to go out before that? In Sweden we only have to be 18 and I guess the swedes party pretty much. How about you?
Är det som i alla High school och College filmer att ni alltid festar, till och med på vardagar ?
Ni går på college och när jag tänker på hur ert liv är så reflekterar jag mycket till alla college filmer man ser, är ert liv verkligen så eller överdriver bara filmerna ?

Take care / Emelie Nilsson

The Dating + Staying over Dilemma

Jag är trött på allt tjat om mat och skola.
Är det allt vi är intresserade av? Boring!

How do your family see relations; cause Ive heard from Caroline (who went to Pennsylvania in one year) that her family there were quit okey with the whole dating+staying over dilemma.
But the guy she was dating, his family wast totally against it.
How is it in your family? Are you allowed to date who ever you want and do what ever you want?
Or is just something that wont talk about, its taboo or what?

Cheerio! / Cornelia

söndag 7 oktober 2007

Liten om Ann Arbor och Michigan


Jag ska skriva om Michigan. Bilden är "Stort Huset". (Michigan's football stadium is called The Big House.) Det kan hålla över 111.111 människor!

För klasser tar personer vad de vill. Vår universitet är större än Campeon. Min högskola var också större. Vi hade 1200 studenter.

Jag bor med sex flickor. Jag gå på klasser och det tar om femton minuter. Jag gillar var jag bor och där är många fester runt.

På South University Gaton där är många affärer och mat. Att är var jag gå. Andra människor gå på State Gaton men att är bortre från mitt hus.

Jag älskar Ann Arbor. Det är underbar att bo i Ann Arbor med allt min vänner!!

lördag 6 oktober 2007


What do you think about Michael Moore and his movies? Is he a good reporter that makes good movies or is he just anoying? I've seen some movies that Michael Moore has made and I understand why critics don't like him. But there was one movie namned "This divided state" that i thought was very interesting. Has anyone seen this movie? Is it really THAT hard to stand up for your opinions in the US, or is it just in Utah? And in / SeMichigan, are there mostly republicans or democrats? And please, can you try to explain the differences between the two?

Thank you/ Sebatian

torsdag 4 oktober 2007

Answering Unibet and Ryan

Unibet and Ryan, thank you for your answers. Do you ever feel that the american people have been kept in the dark by the goverment. And if you feel that they have been lying to you, do you feel that it is a great threat to democracy? Do you ever feel like the president of the United States have to much power? Do you you ever feel that USA is an autocracy? In Sweden, people get very upset if politicians lies. A while ago a person in the goverment had to resign because she hadn't payed tax for her television. I can see that there seems to be a great difference between our countries.


Do some clubbing


You should definitely come and visit. Sweden has a lot to afford. I lived in America as an exchange student last year and I have had American friends over to visit me this summer. I lived in Pennsylvania two hours outside Pittsburgh. I loved it, and I will go back and visit my friends and boyfriend (yes, i have an American boyfriend. And yes, it sucks to have a long distance relationship) again in three weeks. I’m so excited. I went to New York a couple of times; it’s my favourite town in the entire world.

My best friend Shaina came over to visit me in August. She had a really good time. People in Sweden have a more liberal view on alcohol and parties compared to many Americans (or I should probably say American parents?). She had never been to a night club or a bar before she came to Sweden, since she’s 18, and she couldn’t understand how my parents let us stay out until 6 in the morning. Yeah! That’s how it works here and she was totally amazed. We are allowed to do pretty much everything when we turn 18 (at least by the law).

Du borde njuta av shopping, svensk mat och en och annan nattklubb när du kommer hit. Jag tycker absolut att du ska besöka Helsingborg på sommaren då vi har många fina stränder och förhoppningsvis fint väder.

So tell me, when are you coming over? Aren’t you coming with school in the spring too?

Take care,

PS. The picture is of me and Shaina when we did some serious clubbing this summer, I’m to the left

onsdag 3 oktober 2007

Att besök Helsingborg

Hej allesammans! Jag försokte att har en foto av mig på bloggen. Jag hoppas jag gjorde det korrekt!

Jag vill att försök Svensk mat. Det sondera bra! Näst vår eller sommar vill jag komma till Sverige och jag undrar om vad en man inte från Sverige skulle göra. Jag ska gå med min kompisar Ryan (han är Ryan från bloggen) och Justin. Justin har familj i Sollentuna, östra Stockholm.

Vi vill titta som mycket som vi kan av Sverige när vi är det. Vad är din favorit plats i Sverige? Vad tycker du en turist skulle titta i Sverige? Jag har inte gjort till Europa men jag hör av många vacker plats. Jag tycker om storstader och landsbygden, och jag ska gå varhelst. Vi vill att göra till Helsingborg och Stockholm i Sverige men jag vill veta vad andra plats jag skulle gå.

Vad är bästen tid att kommer till Sverige? Jag tycker om ishockey och snö men jag har tittade vacker foton av Sverige i sommaren. Vad är vädret lik i vår och sommar?
Has anyone been to the USA? Where did you go? What did you do there? If you haven´t been to the USA, where would you like to visit or what would you like to see?
America is a big country and we have a wide range of different places and cultures.

In Michigan, we have a nice, warm summer and a cold, snowy winter. In western Michigan, we get more snow because of the Great Lakes and the temperature is about 0 celsius to -15 celsius (10-32 fahrenheit) in the winter and 21 to 30 celsius (70-90) in the summer.

In states in the south like Florida and California, the weather is very beautiful in the winter. They are called “the sunshine states” and the temperature is about 20-27 celsius in the winter! The weather is very different across the country so you can live in a place with weather you enjoy.
Uah! Come on you American guys. You can't have that many swedish homeworks that it won't give you any time over to write here on the blogg ;)
Straighten up.

About Helsingborg

Werè gonna tell you some facts about Helsingborg; it lives about 125 thousand people in Helsingborg and it`s Swedens sixth largest city. The heart of the city is a street called Kullagatan, it is a shoppingstreet with lots of different stores and restaurants. Ungefär 100 meter därifrån ligger Kärnantrapporna och ovanför ligger Kärnan; det är Helsingborgs symbol.
Every 20 minutes a boat to Helsingör in Denmark takes off. You can travel with ¨sundsbussarna¨or ¨Scandlines¨. 6 days a week Helsingborg is a joyful and exciting town. On sundays it´s totally empty. No people and barely any cars(in autumn, winter). But in the summer HBG is the town that never sleeps. In the end of July we have a tradition of having the ¨helsingborgsfestivalen¨. It´s an event with many artists and markets which sells clothes, sunglasses or bags.
Maten i Helsingborg liksom i hela Sverige är väldigt influerad av hela världen. Det finns väldigt många nationaliteter och kulturer som blandats upp; samtidigt har vi vår alldeles egna ¨husmanskost¨där Köttbullar (meatballs) är specialitet: mums!:) Köttbullar äter man till vardags likväl som på julafton m.m..

Emilia,Sanne och Beatrice

tisdag 2 oktober 2007

Swedish Food

The Swedish food culture is divided into two parts; Husmanskost and healthy food. The husmanskost includes a lot of stews and it's pretty old fashion. It's good though, and you can visit special restaurants if you want to experience real husmanskost. The healthy food has become very popular lately. Everybody wants to be fresh and healthy these days so nearly every Swede has got a gym card and healthy food in their pantry. There are certain malls where you can buy extra healthy food. Rice and pasta are almost completely exchanged to wholemeal in the Swedish households.

Några typiska matvaror har vi egentligen inte. Renkött är dock en särskild vara som kommer ifrån de norra delarna av landet. I de södra delarna odlas mycket grödor och den svenska färskpotatisen är väldigt populär sommartid. Sveriges nationalrätt är köttbullar med gräddsås, potatis och lingon. Det är en klassisk maträtt som serveras i de flesta hem med jämna mellanrum och som brukar vara en favorit bland barnen.

Överlag kan man konstatera att den svenska matkulturen är ganska internationell. Att Sverige har en hyfsat stor invandring är en av anledningarna till att nya mattraditioner har förts in i landet.


The Pearl of the Sound...

...Yeah, that's what Helsingborg is called! I guess it's because of the nice beaches at the summer time and because of the pretty city centre with it's shops and cafees. I actually think Helsingborg deserves the good repetation. Trots att staden är ganska liten (ca 125 000?) så är finns det ändå ett gott utbud av affärer, skolor, uteställen, cafeer, etc. Många kommer till Helsingborg när de ska åka till Danmark. Every 20 minute a new boat arrives, the trip only takes about 20 minutes and you can bring your car on the boat. The main reason for a "Helsingborgare" to go Helsingör (which is the Danish town on the opposite side of the sound) is probably to buy alcohol. It's a lot cheaper there and, for the record, you only have to be 16 to buy alcohol in Denmark. Enough about Denmark - Helsingborg is the place to go! Make a google search and you'll find some great pictures of the city. The main object of the photos will probably be "Kärnan". Kärnan is like a castle in the city centre which was build lots of years ago (... I really should know when but I can't remember) when we had a great fight whith Denmark. Southern Sweden did actually belong to Denmark once, therefore we have quite many half-Danish people around in Helsingborg (Sanne among others).

I hope I made you all want to come!



Helsingborg är en ganska liten stad, men vi tycker den är vacker eftersom den ligger vid havet.
Man kan ta sig med båt till vårt grannland Danmark där många köper alkohol och danska korvar som kallas "pölser".

There is also some places you can go if you are over 18 and want to party.
One of the popular places is "Tivoli", a club next to the ocean.
"Tivoli" has a mix of rock, pop and r n'b music. If you want to dance some more and listen to dance music is "Arom" and "Tempel" to clubs with more of a "disco feeling".

If you want to know moore, just ask!

Frida, Emma and Fanny

beer or herring?

hej ryan,
jag tycker också att sill är riktigt äckligt. på julafton, påsk och vid andra helgdagar så äter hela min familj sill men jag nöjer mig med köttbullar och prinskorvar. det är mycket godare.
do your family have any special traditions?
it´s really expensive to buy alcohol and beer in sweden but most of the people from Skåne (where I live) usually takes the boat to helsingör in denmark. Here in sweden you have to be 20 yeras old to buy alcohol at Systembolaget but in denmark you just have to be 16. So a lot of younger people use to buy alcohol in denmark instead but it´s not legal to transport alcohol from denmark to sweden if you´re not 20 (but most of the people do it anyway).
it´s pretty weird here in sweden because you are allowed to buy drinks and beer at almost every pub when you are 18, sometimes you have to be 20. so in sweden it´s fun to be 18 but it´s even better to be 20!
what is your favourite beer called?

Have a really great day,

i know, herring is gross

dear ryan,
you are so right. herring is the grossest thing ever. don't even try it. you will probably throw up. and we have something even more gross called surströming, have you heard about it? it's route herrings. some crazy swedish people appreciate it, i dont recomend it at all.

however, we have some swedish food that is really good. we always have crayfish parties in the end of summer where we eat crayfish, bread, cheese, and, mayonnaise. i know it sounds like a really bad combination but it's pretty good. we also drink a lot of alcohol at these parties. it's a tradition. but alcohol is expensive in sweden though. there are only one store that is allowed to sell alcohol and it's owned by the government. i think it's a combination between get profit and control the swedes way to drink. one beer costs somewhere between 3-5 dollars at that store and around 7 dollars if you buy it at a night club.

do you have any american food that grosses you out? i get sick just thinking about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

take care, and don't eat too many hamburgers

HEEY, this is our own HBG :P

hii :)

Everybody is going to talk about food, so we decided to tell you little bit about our school and Helsingborg.

Our school's name is Campeon and is located in the middle of Helsingborg right nearby the shoppingstreets. It's a small school with about 180 students total. Skolans inriktning är kommunikation som vi läser alla tre år.
What about your school? Which subjects do you read and is your school big compared to ours?

About Helsingborg which is called "Sundets pärla", and when you'll come you will see why. Hbg=Helsingborg ( just so you know) Hbg is Sweden's ninth biggest city with about 120 000 people. There are a lot of things that you can do here, we have Sofiero ( which is a garden with a huge castle ), we have a nice walking street with all the shopping and cute places where you can eat. En av våra favoritfikaställen är ett mysigt ställe som heter "Ebbas fik" som är nostalgiskt med inflytande av Sverige på 50-talet. God mat och härliga kakor och bakelser, samt en trevlig atmosfär. Vi har på vår kära gågata H&M som är svenskt, som ni säkert känner till, gör ni inte det vet ni det nu :)

We have a very nice "hamn" which boats like Scandlines and HH-ferries goes between Helsingborg- Helsingor ( we know the names are similar, don't ask us why) So if you want to visit Denmark, the boat is a very good and cheap way and takes only twenty minutes.

How about where you live, do you like or dislike it?
What do you think about swedish cities compare to what you know?

Bye bye from Sandra and Lina
Take care from your friends from Sweden :D:D
A answer to you question Laura;

Recycling and global warming, do we even care in Sweden?Well of course we care in Sweden; sometimes it even seems like we care to much about everything or we have to at least have a opinion or a super great solution to every problem.

Back to Global warming/Climate changes. This world known problem came to Swedes knowledge about a year ago, or this was the first time it was spread and talked about in Sweden. I mean, we see an ice bear on a melting ice floe and suddenly we understand how extremely big this problem is.

Hybrid cars are available in Sweden, recycling is very big and we have environmental food products made available for everyone for a little price higher then other “ordinary products”.

And by the way - No, im not that interested in environmental questions and things like that. Of course I’m concerned, but if I’m honest I can’t say that I do that much to improve or solve any of the problems, unfortunately.

/ Cornelia

måndag 1 oktober 2007


Jag heter Amelie och är 17 år. Jag bor en bit utanför Helsingborg i en liten by som heter Röstånga. När jag inte går i skolan så sitter jag antingen på buss eller tåg på väg hem eller så umgås jag med mina vänner och familj, tränar, festar och har allmänt trevligt.

I have been trainging gymnastic since I was five years old but we resently quit our team, but I'm a trainer for younger girls now instead.

Im really looking forward to speak to you and meet you when you come here next yaer!!! :)

/ Amelie

Yes, We Eat Hamburgers

Hanna och Carulajn,

So it is true, Americans like their hamburgers. However, you are correct in thinking that this is a stereotypical view of the US. The standard hot dog and hamburger combo on July 4th (US independence day) is common during the summer months because it is typical of Americans to barbecue outside.

Men, vi äter olika mat också! Min favorit mat är Salmon, men jag tycker om alla typer fisk. Vi bor bredvid Great Lakes, så vi blir många typer färsk fisk. It is not entirely uncommon, but I also like sushi. It is a somewhat trendy food, but it is popular in Ann Arbor. Being in college however, we tend to eat quick, easy to make foods such as pizza, sandwiches, grilled chicken, tacos, etc., or any type of food that we can order delivery.

Vi har fast food men jag tycker inte om mest fast food. Jag tycker om Subway och andra hälsa mat men den här är inte sann av mest Americans. (Not sure if that was correct Swedish, but this is not true of most Americans, as you probably know). In fact, Detroit, MI was recently ranked the "second fattest city" in America. As you may guess, most people do not eat very healthy/exercise, etc. However, I like to cook my own meals and that is half the battle of eating healthy in college.

Ja, jag gick till IKEA i år men jag köper inte svensk mat! Jag vet inte om svensk mat när jag gick till IKEA men nästa tid jag vill köpa köttbullar och svensk öl! haha. Jag hörde svensk öl är mycket dyr. Is this true? Is it priced this way to deter people from drinking so much or just to earn more profit? Do you have supermarkets or grocery stores that you can buy food and beer in? I ask because in Canada, they have a separate "BEER STORE" that is run by the government. Do you have en öl affär? haha

Time to go, I must go to McDonalds to eat a hamburger and french fries.


ps. I always love trying new foods, but the fact that y'all eat sill (herring) kind of grosses me out.

Om mat

Nu ska jag skriva om mat.

Jag tycker mycket om att laga mat. Jag lagar mat varje dag.
För att visa er, ska jag ge er ett exempel:

Igår var jag lite utråkad så jag avgjorde att laga något mat. När jag vill laga mat läser jag en kokbok som ligger på hyllan. Igår valde jag ett indonesiskt recept. Några ingredienser behövdes så jag cyklade till livsmedelsaffär och köpte tofu, risnudlar och en lök. När jag kom hem lagade jag maten. Det var mycket trevlig och när jag åt blev jag mycket glad. Min flickvän gillade maten också.

Tycker er om att laga mat?
Sorry that my personal presentation is a little bit late.
Ive been doing a lot of other things, saving the planet and all of that.
Im sure you all understand.

Mitt namn är Cornelia Håkansohn, jag är 18 år och bor i Viken.
Mina intressen är att spela piano, läsa böcker, laga mat och fotografera.
På min fritid fikar jag med vänner, går på stan eller bara är hemma och tar det lugnt.

In the future I'll probably work with something were I can be creative, for example as a designer, arcitect and so on. Right now Im studying my last year at The Campeon school in Helsingborg. I look forward to my graduation and meanwhile I fear it though I can't decide what I wan't to do afterwards.
Thats all for now folks. Looking forward meeting all of you when your visiting Sweden.

All love. Cornelia

Yay Mat!

Jag tycker om att äta. Men jag är mycket kora. (I am a very picky.) Jag gillar italiensk mat eftersom min mamma är italiensk. Så jag äter pasta ofta. (Pasta är också lätt att laga.) Jag tycker om amerikansk mat som hamburgare och pommes frites. Jag älskar potatis också. mmmm...

Jag tycker inte om fisk. Jag tycker inte om strukturen. Struktur är mest viktig för mig när jag äter. Min favorit mat var pizza när jag var liten men nu har jag inte en favorit. Eftersom går jag på universitet jag äter inte bra. Min mamma lagade mat när jag gick på högskola men nu jag måste laga mat. Så jag köper mat ut mycket. :)

food is najs

our food cultures are really diffrent. alla svenskar tror att ALLA amerikaner alltid äter hamburgare. stämmer detta? vi vet givetvis att detta är en fördom men ni har antagligen fördomar om oss också. ja, vi äter köttbullar och smörgåsbord men vi trycker i oss en och annan hamburgare också. har ni varit på IKEA? dom har nämligen en swedish food market där man kan köpa alla möjliga svenska delikatesser som t.ex. chocolate, beer, lingon berries, cinnamon rolls, candy, cookies and all that good stuff. we recomend you to go there! what do you think is a typical swedish meal? we think about hamburgers and french fry when we talk about american food. so what do you guys eat (more than hamburgers)?

peace out

haaanna and carulajn

Svensk mat

I Sverige äter man cirka 3-4 mål om dagen. Frukost på morgonen, vilket vanligtvis består av mackor, flingor med fil, ägg eller annat.
Lunch äter man vid tolvtiden och det är vanligen lagad mat, när vi går i skolan serveras det i en matsal tillhörande Campeon och två andra skolor.
På kvällen äter du middag med din familj, även där lagad mat.
Det fjärde målet kan vara ett mellanmål, även kallat "mellis".
Detta är din ursäkt att äta vad du vill när du vill under dagen. Ett mellanmål kan vara en macka, frukt, kaka eller liknande. Det kan däremot inte vara en hel lagad måltid. Då är det inte mellis.

In sweden we have something called - Husmanskost. Which is old swedish traditionall food, usually including root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. Fish or meat is served together with some musty sauce, and you often eat bread and sallad together with your food.

In sweden we also have something called "sill" - herring, which is a missunderstanding though swedes normaly only eat herring in special accations. We eat it in Christmas, Eastern (in swedish we call it pauusk/påsk.) in the summer (Midsommarafton).
And of course we have meatballs in Sweden, thats a fact.
Some stuff you have to try when your visiting Sweden, that is so "typical Swedish":
Knäckebröd - Knackebroat. A hard bread.
Kaviar - Fish rom (fish babies in a tube)
Marabou Choklad - The biggest and most popular chocolate brand in Sweden, you can say that it almost has monopoly.

Now we wonder, what is typical food for you guys?
What is traditionall food in Michigan, how many meals per day do you eat ?

Take care all of you, Love - Anna.T. Emelie.A. Cornelia.H.
hi again!
we are supposed to talk a bit about our school and Helsingborg in general. Campeon is located in the town centre, and it´s an old chocolate factory. although we don't have any Charlies here, it's very cozy. We like our school, sometimes it feels like a second home!
... we are having some troubles a this point, Matilda and Jacob is giving out punches.
We have a lot of fun in our school because our school is small and we get close to each other, like a family... naaaaaah.
The teachers are kind of our friends, they care about us, and wants the best for us..

Enough about our school.

the city of Helsingborg is cold, windy and rainy. På lördag går Skånes Kortfilmfestival PIXEL av stapeln, där Jakobs och Peters film "Upp till ytan" visas, vilken behandlar den sfär av självvlad ensamhetsproblematik som ständigt möter oss i vardagen. Trots Jakobs knasiga svenska hoppas jag (Matilda) att ni ungefär ligger på min nivå i svenska...
nu börjar vi, hoppas att ni har det bra!

humbug, ni skall se dessa ting när ni hit skola anlända.

Av: Sara (den smarte), Ingrid (den långa), Jakob (den kansige) och Matilda (den underbara)


I have a question. Do you dislike muslims where you live? And what's your opinion on the war in Iraq? I´ve allways wanted to talk to an american about these things. So how do you feel about the war in Iraq? There are so many things that i would like to ask but I don't know if I should because I might upset someone. Well, if there´s anyone who would like to talk about the war in Iraq and muslims, please write to me.

Take care